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Art Classes

for Kids and Adults

Private and  Group Classes


 Inspiring  Students through Art

Painting, Drawing, Clay, Mixed Media

Woman Painting

Meet one of Our Faculty
Mar M.

We’re proud of the reputation that BCAC has gained throughout the years - for a place where students can thrive and make the most of their talents. Every year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate students from around the GTA. BCAC is an ideal Art program   Continue browsing to find out about our programs.

Mar has a Masters for Fine Arts and her extensive teaching experience and positive attitude and kind disposition make her classes a huge success. From drawing and painting to mixed media and%= cartooning and clay, Mar's students are encouraged to create works that are creative and balanced with technique

Pre teen girl in art class.jpg
Preschool boy showing his drawing on paper, Active 5-6 years kid with proud face holding h

After School
Drawing & Painting

Wed 4-5pm
Oct 5 to Nov 9
149.00   grades 1-7


These weekly classes cover drawing and painting fundamentals (texture, dimension, shape, proportion,) with a variety of materials, such as watercolors, pastels, and pen & ink. Students often follow step-by-step demos from the teacher showing drawing principles and techniques, but are encouraged to come up with their own details and colour choices

Comics &Cartooning

Wed 4-5 pm
Oct 5 to Nov 9
$149.00   Grades 1-7

Learn  techniques to improve your cartooning . Sharpen your skills, lwith   cartooning and stylization techniques, and explore character creation!

Students will learn the process of creating their own comics .   Students will learn how to plan out a comic by starting with writing a script and creating rough thumbnail sketches. We will then cover the steps of comic creation, such as drawing cartoon characters, character turnarounds, lettering & speech bubbles, and using pen & ink. to outline our comic artwork.

Person Painting Picture

Clay and  Ceramics

This awesome class includes ceramics and hand building of clay. Hand building is the method of creating clay works using ones hands and hand held tools. Students will use slab, surface decorating, coil and pinch techniques to create and paint ceramic projects.
An amazing class for creative kids that love shape, form and texture 

Wed 4-5pm
Oct 5 to Nov 9
149.00  grades 1-7


Group of kids and their teacher leaning over table with gouahes and painting self-made cla
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