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Girl with Flute Teacher
Violin lesson
Bass Closeup

No matter your experience, no matter your goals, BCAC Is here for you.


for Pro or Recreational or RCM
Real Musicians, Real Learning.

BCAC Music Lessons teachers are real-life Musicians.,

We Combine advanced musical knowledge with real-world professional experience. Instructors work with students of all ages and levels in a one-on-one environment. They are not only excellent at their craft but dependable, reliable, and friendly. The BCAC teaching method ensures that students learn as much as possible while having as much FUN as possible!

Students will not only become great musicians; they will also gain a boost in overall cognition, increase confidence, and improve motor skills.

Benefits of Private Music Lessons:

  • 1. Encourage Creative Self-Expression

  • 2. Build Confidence

  • 3. Develop discipline, patience and a strong work ethic

  • 4. Boost cognition

  • 5. Improve Motor Skills

  • 6. Improve Social and Communication Skills

  • 7. Cultivate a love and appreciation for the art

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