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Musical Theatre

Broadway Bound!

Triple Threat Program

Golden Star

Sing     Dance     Act

Golden Star
Golden Star

                    Smaller Groups
Individual Attention for each student

CALL TO JOIN 416 694 4792


Day                Thurs

Time              445-545pm

Dates             Jan 12-Apr 6

Tuition            268.00

Day                SUNDAY

Time              11am-1 1:40

Dates             Jan 15-Apr2                           268.00

Day                Thurs

Time              545- 700

Dates            Jan12-Apr 6

                       $ 298.00

Day                Sunday

Time              1145- 12:45pm

Dates           Jan 15-Apr 2

                     $ 298.00

Day                Thurs

Time              445pm-545pm

Dates              Jan12-Apr 6

                       $ 298.00

Day                Sunday

Time              1245- 200pm

Dates           Jan 15-Apr 2

                        $ 298.00

Day              Sunday

Time          2pm- 3:30pm

Dates         Jan 15-Apr 2

                       $ 345.00

What's it All About?

 Musical Theatre skills we teach

       Acting,   *Singing   *Dancing.

monologues, stage etiquette, choreography,

vocal performance, line delivery/improvisation

Students learn to act, dance, sing and reach their full potential in a fun environment that they love!

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Study with  Industry Pro's, from Stage, Film and TV

Attend for fun or a career on stage

Make meaningful connections and friends for life

At BCAC, our programs are Fun, educational, inspiring

How We Teach Musical Theatre

Musical theater classes at BCAC offer an inviting experience for kids and teens interested in learning acting, dancing, singing, and choreography. Our experienced teachers select fun and engaging musicals and plays for students to comfortably build their stage presence and expand their performance skillset. Throughout the year our musical theater students participate in live productions to share their progress with family and friends.

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