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for recreational or professional study

Bring Melody into your life!

No matter your experience, no matter your goals, BCAC Is here for you.

Welcome to BCAC where we help each student learn in their own style, at their own pace. Our expert teachers build unique lessons for your student. Guiding them every step of the way, our teachers transform musical interests into musical gifts with detailed lessons.

We help students  see just how incredible music can be! 

BCAC is one of the area's largest and finest community music schools.

No matter your age or level of experience, BCAC can help you learn to make music.

Our Students are playing music all over the world
Grammy Nominees
Juno Nominees
U of T, Ryerson
Wexford,  Broadway, Julliard, Mirvish


Playing Piano

Inspiring Fun Educational

Choosing a music school for your child, or for you, is a personal decision. Each person’s journey in learning music is different.  At BCAC we understand that and we have the best creative teachers to help students meet their own goals.  

We are here for you!

Several hundred students taking private music lesson

Our teachers have extensive experience teaching various genres of music to students of all ages and levels.
We strive to build a love of music in each student and foster their natural creativity in a reliable, challenging, and structured environment.

Music Class


  1. It builds language skills. As they learn their instrument, children become accustomed to different sounds that they would not have recognized before. This practice trains their ears for the nuances and subtle sounds of language.

  2. It makes them stronger academically.  There are connections between music lessons and nearly every measure of academic achievement: SAT scores, high school GPA, reading comprehension, and math skills. Music also improves their powers of recall for powerful learning in all subjects.

  3. It increases their IQ. Numerous studies  have proven that children’s IQs increase because of even a few weeks of music lessons. Brain scan technology reveals that brain activity increases following musical training, and some parts of the brain even grow larger!

  4. It teaches them discipline.   Music lessons require concentration and patience. 

  5. It supports muscle development and motor skills. Children must use their whole bodies to keep the rhythm going when they play. They also must coordinate different motions with their hands at the same time. In doing so, they develop strength and coordination.

  6. It improves social skills. If children play in a group, they have to learn to work together to achieve a common goal, exercising tolerance, patience, and encouragement towards their peers.

  7. It makes kids feel good about themselves. There’s nothing quite like the sense of pride that comes from working on building a new skill for an extended period of time…especially when the result is beautiful music.

  8. It helps kids understand culture. By learning music from various parts of the globe, students come to understand these cultures, whether it’s African drumming or Argentine tango music.

  9. It brings joy. And finally, we come to the most important reason of all. When children can play music, it makes them happy…everyone  everyone else too.

Music Class
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