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Beaches Conservatory Arts Centre

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         Your Premier Performing Arts Centre



Beaches Conservatory Arts Centre

Founded in 1998, Beaches Conservatory of Music has always strived to be a symbol of excellence in music education in the communities that continue

to support us.

Our students have been accredited with numerous awards including
Grammy's, Juno's, and RCM Honours with distinction.

Our outstanding teaching staff maintain our goal to always provide the best fun and educational music lessons for our students across the city.

We are professional musicians and we foster the love of music with each student.

We combine established and innovative and creative pedagogies.

We share the love of music to every student that has walked through our doors.

With our history of success we deliver the highest standards of music education.

 We specialize in 1-on-1 private in-person and online lessons and Musical Theatre.

 Our students love their personally designed lessons the support they receive on the way to meeting their goals and they thrive on their musical journey.

Why People love Beaches Conservatory

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Woman in Office

Wendy K.

“I love the accessibility and inclusivity of Beaches Conservatory Arts Centre, a true gem. The breadth of classes offered is astounding, and the staff are super friendly and helpful. Signup is easy and the location is well-maintained and family-friendly. Highly recommended!”

Blond and Bearded

Marcel W.

Since meeting the instructors at the BCAC my daughter began begging for piano lessons. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with the patience, compassion, and dedication of her instructor. BCAC fosters a no pressure love of music and the arts among the many children who attend the school. This place has an amazing vibe! We are so happy and impressed.”

Woman Musician

Lauren P.

As a musician myself, i knew right away that Beaches Conservatory was the best school!

My 7-year-old adores Beaches Conservatory and so do I! Great instructors, wonderful classes and at a super reasonable price! 

Very inspiring teachers

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